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Mockingjay Bracelet

I was shopping around on the Rosewe site today and came across this Mockingjay-inspired color block bracelet. I saw similar ones on Amazon, but the shipping was crazy high or was going to take over a month. This one is on sale for only $4.69 PLUS you get free shipping!

There isn’t a whole lot to the description, but it does say that it is 18cm, pretty standard for a bracelet like that. It’s called the “Metal Bird Decorated Color Block Bracelet” on their website.

If you want them in time for the Mockingjay Part 2 movie release, I would definitely order now because it does look like it could take 2-3 weeks to arrive depending upon where you live. At $5, you could get them for you and all of your friends as a fun keepsake from seeing the movie together.


Pre-Order Mockingay

If you want to be among the first to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 when it comes out on DVD, get your order placed now. It will be released on March 6 and if you pre-order, you will receive it the day it comes out if you choose Two-Day shipping (which is free with Prime).

Buying can be a little bit confusing because there are different versions available, ranging in price from $14.99 to $19.99.

Amazon has the DVD + Digital Copy for $17.75 and the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD for $19.97. If you order them and the price goes down before the release, Amazon will only charge you the reduced price.

Another option is to pre-order the digital version only. You can get the SD format for $14.99 or HD for $19.99. With that you can download it to 2 locations or stream it via Amazon Instant Video.

Right now it is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Action & Adventure Blu-ray Discs so it looks like it is going to be a hot seller!

Will you be ordering it?


Mockingjay Presale

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay tickets are finally on sale! Fandango is running a couple of really cool special offers if you buy your tickets right now.

October 29 at noon Eastern: When you purchase Mockingjay Part 1 tickets through Fandango in the first 24 hours you will also get a free movie download of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Plus, you will get a sweepstakes entry to win a trip to the world premiere of Mockingjay.

October 30-December 12: Even if you missed the one day only deal, you can still win! Purchase your tickets through Fandango and you will be entered to win a 2015 Mazda3.

Plus, through November 7 you can submit your artwork for a chance at having your design featured on one of Fandango’s Hunger Games Gift Cards!

Don’t forget that Mockingjay opens in movie theaters everywhere on November 21.


Mockingjay Movie Tie-inA new paperback edition of Mockingjay is now available at Amazon. The new version features the blazing Mockingjay image on the cover. The book is the same as the original version, but the cover is just much cooler. The paperback sells for $11.11 and you can get free shipping with Amazon Prime.

There is also a second new paperback available called the “Foil Edition” which has a shiny cover with a picture of the Mockingjay symbol (not on fire) on it. It is selling for $10.59.

In addition, a new Kindle Edition with Audio/Video is available as of this week. You can get it for $7.66 even if you do not have a Kindle. You can download the Kindle Reading App for free and use it on just about any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Visit Amazon to check out all of the new Mockingjay editions.


mockingjay-teaser-trailerWe’re getting our first look at “Mockingjay” finally! It’s become a thing to release “teaser trailers” about a minute long before the actual trailers are released. Today we got our first look at that teaser trailer for “Mockingjay Part 1.”

A few different characters appear in the trailer including President Snow, Gale, President Alma Coin, and Plutarch Heavensbee. Katniss doesn’t appear until the very end and actually only speaks 4 words “I am. I will”

Seeing Philip Seymore Hoffman in it is a little bit eery. It makes me wonder what the movie will feel like with him in it.

Have you watched the teaser trailer yet? Does it make you excited for the movie release? Too bad we have to wait until November 21!



Hunger Games News Week of February 12, 2014

Not too much new Hunger Games news this week, but a few things to note. Is the Hunger Games a fashion inspiration? How soon will we see the Mockingjay trailer? And what will happen with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s unfinished scenes? Here’s our roundup from the web this week. Johnny Weir’s ‘Hunger Games’-inspired outfits are possibly […]

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Stacked Hunger Games Bracelet 65% Off

I was browsing a jewelery website for deals and came across this amazing Hunger Games bracelet for only $14.95 plus free shipping! The weird thing is that the description says it is from Harry Potter. But it’s obviously the Mockingjay! It’s normally $26.95 but on sale today for only $14.95. The site calls it a […]

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Hunger Games Mockingjay Necklace $1

We just saw the best price we have ever seen on a Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Necklace. An Amazon seller has them for $1.10 plus shipping. Every seller has them at different prices and different shipping rates, so the key is to watch for them to both be low! The necklaces are made by NECA […]

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Amazing New Hunger Games Shirts from CafePress

The CafePress Hunger Games merchandise has finally arrived! Honestly, this is what I have been waiting for since they started selling any Hunger Games stuff at all. CafePress is known for their unique, personalized shirts. The new Hunger Games shirts do not disappoint! I can’t post them all because there hundreds of new shirts as […]

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Limited Edition Hunger Games Mockingjay Shirt

Official Hunger Games Merchandise is finally here! The good news is that Hot Topic has released a Limited Edition Hunger Games Flaming Mockingjay Shirt that resembles the poster for the new Hunger Games movie (black background shirt with the mockingjay symbol on fire). Even better news is that they are Buy One, Get One Half […]

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