New Hunger Games Jewelry

Hunger Games Jewelry

Hunger Games Jewelry

NECA has started releasing new Hunger Games movie merchandise and there is so much of it that we cannot even fit it into one post! For a full listing, check out our Hunger Games merchandise page.

For now, let’s just focus on the Hunger Games jewelry. New items include:

  • District 12 Bag Clip
  • Parachute Compartment Single Chain Necklace
  • Mockingjay Necklaces
  • Peeta and Katniss photo Necklaces
  • Mockingjay Earrings
  • Charm Bracelets
  • Belt Buckles
  • Katniss and Peeta Dog Tags
  • Rubber Bracelets
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

And the most important….the Mockingjay Prop Replica Pin! That is a “must have” item if you are putting together a Katniss costume. It’s made to look just like the one from the movie.

The Hollywood Video site (with a copyright of Lions Gate Films) has all of the merchandise listed but if you click on any of it, it just takes you to Amazon to make your purchase. All of the items are showing as “temporarily out of stock” but with prices. If you place them in your cart, you will be among the first to receive them when they start shipping. See the entire new Hunger Games merchandise collection at Amazon.

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