Hunger Games News Week of October 29, 2013

Another big week of Hunger Games news from new Catching Fire trailers to information about Mockingjay. Here’s our roundup from around the web.

Great images from the upcoming People’s Magazine that will feature Catching Fire. Includes some behind-the-scenes peeks.
The last trailer before the movie premieres hits online. See it on
Interested in meeting the cast of Catching Fire? You may be able to catch them as part of the Victory Mall Tour across the United States. See where they will be headed and how you can get in on it.
Typed transcript of the scans from the US Weekly story on Mockingjay. Spoiler Alert!
From the Capitol Couture. Check out the new still from Catching Fire, featuring Finnick’s “style,” which includes a fisherman knit sweater.
The Catching Fire Sweepstakes at Subway will begin October 31. Get more details including rules and prizes.

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