Hunger Games News Week of July 8, 2013

Hunger Games news is heating up again as we are getting a little bit closer to the debut of Catching Fire. With events like Comic-Con and collaborations for merchandising, we expect to see even more soon!

Woody Harrelson – Films – ShortList Magazine
Woody Harrelson talks about his role in the Hunger Games franchise and how he was surprised at how big it has all become.
Lionsgate Teams Up with Subway to Help Promote ‘Catching Fire’ |
Subway will be releasing a special product line with ties to Catching Fire, including specially marked packages with code that will allow customers to win prizes. The promotion will also be used to support Feeding America, a nationwide food bank organization.
‘Hunger Games,’ YA Adaptations Shoot For Comic-Con Bulls-Eye – Music, Celebrity, Artist News |
Get ready for a new Catching Fire trailer that will debut at Comic-Con in San Diego. It is just a part of the great list of Young Adult adaptations to be featured at this year’s conference.

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