Hunger Games Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for the Hunger Games fan in your life? Although there is not a lot of official Hunger Games movie merchandise out yet, we have managed to track down some great gift ideas!

Hunger Games Gifts

Hunger Games Gifts

Hunger Games Books:

Most Hunger Games fans have already read the books but that doesn’t mean that they have their own copies. Amazon has a great Hunger Games Trilogy Hard Cover Boxed set for about $30 plus free shipping.

Some other related books are set to be released soon and you could pre-order them and include the description of the book with an “IOU” in the box to give as a gift. The World of Hunger Games will be a “richly illustrated, full-color guide” to Panem and the Hunger Games participants. It is set to be published February 7, 2012, and can be pre-ordered for $9.84. The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion is also set to come out that day and can be pre-ordered for $10.39.

Mockingjay Items:

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games yet but are looking for Hunger Games gifts, understand that the Mockingjay is a big deal. Anything that you can get with a Mockingjay on it would be cool. In particular, the Mockingjay Pin would make the ultimate gift for a Hunger Games fan, and you can get them through Amazon:

Unfortunately, they can be hard to find because the only ones that have been made so far were the ones that coincided with the Mockingjay book release. Get them quickly for $25 as the price is likely to go up as they become more scarce. Other items with the Mockingjay on them from the release of the book include earrings and a bracelet and can be found at Amazon.


A number of new Hunger Games posters have been released in the last few weeks including the official Movie poster with the Mockingjay on fire. In addition, you can get 8 different characters individually or as a Collector’s Set.

Hunger Games Shirts:

Although CafePress used to have a number of really cute shirts, they were all pulled and we suspect it was for copyright violations. Hopefully similar to Twilight we will see an official Hunger Games shop open there soon so that we can start customizing our own Hunger Games shirts. In the meantime, you can get Hunger Games shirts released last year from Amazon.

Odds and Ends:

Until we start seeing more official Hunger Games merchandise released for the movie after the first of the year, your best bet for other merchandise would be to check out eBay. You’ll find some fan art there as well as resellers selling old merchandise from the 3 book releases. Here are some examples of beautiful Hunger Games Jewelry that you can get today on eBay:

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