This Week in Hunger Games News (08-02-11)

So much has been written about the Hunger Games this week that we are having a hard time even coming up. Here are a few of our favorite articles that we thought you might want to check out as well.

My Hunger Games Countdown Clocks Want to add a Hunger Games movie countdown to your site? We love this one! (My Hunger Games)

More Images From EW’s New Men Of Hunger Games Issue! More images than we have seen anywhere else. Definitely worth checking out if you want a sneak peek. (

‘Hunger Games’ Experts React To Peeta, Gale First Look Do you agree with the “experts”? (Hollywood Crush)

SDCC 2011: The Hunger Games Cosplay, Discussion, & Upcoming Giveaway News from San Diego Comic-Con and an upcoming Hunger Games Giveaway (Fanboy Comics)

What did we miss? Share your favorite Hunger Games news from this week.

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