Hunger Games Sneak Peek Responses

Just in case you live under a rock, here’s the sneak peek of the Hunger Games that was shown at the end of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). It isn’t much, but it is all we have so far! After the video, see some of the responses that we have been finding online about the video.


‘Hunger Games’ Fans Weigh In: The Teaser Trailer Arrives! ( This is the best post that we found because it combines feedback on the teaser from a lot of different Hunger Games fan sites.

Podcast: Hunger Games Fireside Chat (Episode 22) Fun podcast where they actually break down the whole trailer and what they think of it.

‘Hunger Games’ Sneak Peek: The Experts React! (Business Women Connect) Another compilation of views from different Hunger Games fans.

The Hunger Games Teaser: Three Positives, Three Negatives ( A nice balanced post about both the good and the bad of the video.

What are your thoughts?

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