Hunger Games Fan Photo Shoot (Guest Post)

Thanks to Lucas Strong for this terrific guest post!

The Site:

Our obsession for the series started when i read the books and spread the “disease” to both of my cousins Kelly sararas (@kellysararas) and Shia Hayward (@shiiahayward). After we had read the books we decided to create a fanmade hunger games video. You can find it here ( ) This sparked a new found enjoyment for filming and directing on my part so we began filming more and more videos throughout 2010/2011. All of which you can find on our channel ( ). This got each of us a lot of publicity and we became a large part of the hunger games fandom. We have been keeping updated on the movie news and posting it ourselves, earning us followers. We are so grateful for the attention and decided we would create a site for our videos and fan work. Along with some movie news of course. The site is released when @Storngifyable reaches 200 followers. along with the release of the site we will be giving away a hunger games brooch and a hunger games inspired pin set to two of @strongifyable’s followers.

The Pictures:

My long time friend, samantha Heaton (Not on twitter) has been participating in a high school course in photography. For her final assignment she was instructed to take a set of pictures that had a certain similarity to each other in black and white. In this case she chose the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because she loves the books and the story they tell. She contacted Me (@Strongifyable) and our friend Lindsey steele (@lindz_ks) to be models in the shoot for her. As i have been a huge fan of the Hunger games since day one i could not refuse her offer. We got together in the middle of June and spent the Day taking the photos of Hunger Games Inspired Scenarios. Below i will post the url’s of the pictures along with some explanation to each one.


This photo is starring @strongifyable (me) as Marvel, visciously murdering young Rue. Played By the photographers younger sibling (10 years old)


This Photo depicts Katniss (@lindz_ks) Giving the nightlock berries to Peeta (@strongifyable) in there last moment.


This photo displays katniss (@lindz_ks) Looking up into the night sky to observe the death toll of that day in the arena. The pictures is supposed to deliver a feeling of suspense because of the feeling katniss must be having when she is hoping peeta’s face is not displayed in the sky.


This Picture Depicts Rue (Sarah Heaton, photographers younger sister) after all of the violence is over and katniss has placed the flowers around her head. The picture is supposed to deliver a feeling of relief that the pain has ended.


This picture displays Katniss (@lindz_ks) holding Rue’s (Younger sister) hand in district 12 before they have to bear the reaping.


This final picture dipicts katniss (@lindz_ks) reaching into her quiver for an arrow, as she poises to attack an animal to feed her and peeta.

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