Jennifer Lawrence Talks Hunger Games on Letterman

A brunette Jennifer Lawrence appeared on David Letterman’s show on May 19 to talk about her upcoming movie, X-Men: First Class. A little more than halfway through the interview, Letterman asked her about The Hunger Games and showed the Entertainment Weekly cover. Jennifer explained just a bit about the premise of the movie calling it “a very violent, futuristic movie where kids are randomly selected from their home districts to fight in an area to the death.” She did make sure to point out that the characters do not drink blood.

The full clip is below and you can hear her talk about Hunger Games a little past the 4:00 mark. However, the whole interview is actually pretty cute. Jennifer has a fun sense of humor and presented herself really well, clearly endearing herself to Letterman. A far cry from the awkward Twilight interviews we have seen Kristen Stewart do!


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