Hunger Games Posters

Hunger Games Poster

Hunger Games Poster from MovieGoods

We’ve been on the lookout for Hunger Games posters and finally found some from MovieGoods! Right now their main one is pictured above–the Hunger Games logo in gold on a black background with the movie/book title next to it. It’s 11×17 and done in movie poster style.

They also have a few that are related only to the books and not the movies. For instance, they have one that pictures the covers of all three books along with the date that Mockingjay was released. they also have one of the cover of Catching Fire with its book release date. One of the most interesting posters features the Hunger Games logo in gold on black background with the quotes “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope” and “‘Happy Hunger Games’. May the odds be ever in your favor.”

We’ll update as we find more (and suspect that there will be quite a few sold early 2012 as the movie gets closer). For now, visit to view all 11 of their Hunger Games posters.

(Not sure how long it will last, you you can try using coupon code MGOODSA21 to save 20% on all posters at MovieGoods)

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