Hunger Games Shirts

Update: It appears that CafePress has had to take down most of its Hunger Games shirts. For now it seems like the easiest place to get them is through Amazon. Click here to see their selection. We will update the site as we find more shirts.

Looking for Hunger Games shirts? We’ve been searching all over the Internet to find them! Here are some of our favorite that we have found so far.

Cafe Press has a great selection of Hunger Games shirts that you can personalize. You can get different styles and sizes of shirts and even add your own text to some of them. They have everything from “Team Peeta” and “Team Katniss” shirts to “District 13″ to images of the Mockingjay.

Team Peeta Shirt

Green Team Peeta shirt

Team Peeta Shirt

Red District 13 or Bust Shirt

Team Peeta Shirt

White Rebel shirt with Black logo

Click to see all of the Hunger Games shirts on Cafepress.

Amazon has quite a few officially licensed shirts. Click here to see them all. Below are just a few:

Hunger Games Mockingjay Bookart Juniors T-shirt in Dusty Blue

Hunger Games Girl on Fire Juniors T-Shirt in Black

Hunger Games Down with Capitol Poster Adult T-shirt

Hot Topic also has some officially licensed Hunger Games merchandise. Right now they only have a couple of shirts but you can check out the one below:

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin Girls T-Shirt

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin Girls T-shirt (junior sizes)

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