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Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer

With the arrival of Comic-Con we now have the Hunger Games: Catching Fire official trailer! It definitely sets up the storyline, including the facts that two victors from each district will be chosen for the next games, that Katniss is being targeted, and that Peeta is in love with her. The trailer is actually pretty long and almost gives away too much, too fast in my opinion.

In terms of acting, costumes, production, etc.,  I think it looks even better than the first. What do you think?



The Super Bowl is always known for its commercials and sneak peeks, and this year will be no different. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that brand new Hunger Games scenes will be aired Sunday as a part of the Super Bowl pre-game show. Here’s a clip of a part of that teaser with a tender moment between Katniss and Gale, more about Katniss and her sister, a tiny bit of the actual Hunger Games and more.

It’s not enough but at least it is more than we have gotten so far! As soon as we can get video of the full teaser, we will get it posted.

Edited…we now have the full trailer! If for some reason it tells you that it is unavailable, either refresh the screen or use a different browser to watch it. It WILL work!!


Hunger Games Trailer
For those of you who missed the premier of the Hunger Games trailer on Good Morning America this morning, the good news is that you can watch it online! In addition to the trailer showing on GMA today, it is also making its debut on the iTunes Movie Trailer site.

We’ll be updating this post as soon as we can get a better copy of the trailer to post ourselves. For now, what we have below is the best that we could get off of YouTube. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get updates about Hunger Games news and merchandise.

For those of you who did see it, what did you think? Honestly, I was expecting a lot and was still amazed. I think I cried 3 times! The characters were so much more like what I imagined than I thought that they would be. When Katniss stepped forward to volunteer in place of Prim, you could feel the exact same emotion as in the book. There wasn’t much made of the love interest angle, but I’m sure that will come later. What did come out was the intensity of the characters and the story both. I’m even more excited about the movie than I was before!