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Hunger Games tickets

Hunger Games Movie Tickets

We just got word that tickets for the midnight showing of the Hunger Games next Thursday at our local theatre are SOLD OUT! If you are hoping to get midnight showing tickets (or even tickets for opening weekend), you definitely need to be buying them now.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about buying Hunger Games Movie Tickets online, so we put together a quick list of frequently asked questions. These are the best answers that we could find!

  • When do Hunger Games tickets go on sale online? Tickets are on sale now at most theatres for showings on Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Do I need to buy tickets in advance? If you are planning seeing Hunger Games in the first 24 hours that it opens, you will want to get tickets in advance. Depending upon how many theatres are in your area, they might sell out (some already have).
  • Where are the best places to buy the tickets online? Fandango and have their sites ready to go. You can search by zip code and will be able to start buying tickets there as soon as they go on sale for your theatre. Keep in mind that not all theatres participate in online ticketing. If you do not see your theatre listed there as of Wednesday, try searching for your specific theatre website directly on Google.
  • Will IMAX tickets be on sale online? If your theatre is selling regular tickets online, they should also be selling the IMAX tickets.

Ticket sales are through the roof and going even higher as people are hearing that showings are selling out!


The Hunger Games Movie is set to be released March 23, 2012.  Tickets will range in price from about $9-12 depending on your location. However, today only you can get them cheaper and we found out how.

Goldstar is selling Regal Movie Tickets that can be used for ANY movie at any time for only $7.50 each for a 4 pack. There are no restrictions on the movie or showing time. In addition, the tickets do not expire. They can be used at any Regal Cinema, United Artists Theatre, or Edwards Theatre nationwide.

This deal is good July 20, 2011, only. Click here to visit Goldstar and search for the tickets in your area.

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