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Hunger Games cards

Hunger Games Cards

Hunger Games Cards

Looking for the perfect gift for the Hunger Games fan and want something that will be original? We found some adorable cards and notecards on Cafepress that feature all different types of Hunger Games images and sayings. They come in both 10 and 20 packs and are actually on sale today. You can choose from their designs or create your own. They even ship internationally. Here are some of our favorites, although there are probably over 100 different styles to choose from:

Peace, Love, Hunger Games Notecards (10 pack)

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor (20 pack)

Let the Games Begin (with the Mockingjay)

Panem Vintage Cards

Some of the sayings include “I Volunteer as Tribute,” “I Survived the Hunger Games,” “Team Peeta,” “Girl on Fire,” “I Love the Boy with the Bread,” and “It’s a Hunger Games Thing.” See all of the Hunger Games notecards at CafePress.

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