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Where is all the Hunger Games merchandise?

Everyone has been wondering where they can buy Hunger Games merchandise and so far the options are pretty limited. The good news is that the Hollywood Reporter mentioned this week that Hunger Games merchandise is on the way! [click to continue…]


If you saw the Hunger Games teaser the other day and are now looking for Hunger Games merchandise, we are as well! The bad news is that official Hunger Games merchandise for the movie hasn’t started coming out yet. The good news is that there is still official Hunger Games merchandise from the Mockingjay book release.

Amazon has the best selection of Hunger Games merchandise right now. They have a few t-shirts, some jewelry, the Training Days game, and of course various forms of the books. The key right now is that there are limited quantities of each available so if you don’t order them soon, you probably will not get them. Amazon does show the quantities remaining for each item so you can at least get an idea.

We’re looking forward to the movie merchandise coming out but are at least happy to see what we can get on Amazon. Click here to view all of the Hunger Games merchandise on Amazon.


Although they are selling out quickly on Amazon, there are still a couple of copies of the Hunger Games board game available. Released last year to coincide with the publishing of Mockingjay, The Hunger Games: Training Days Strategy Game is perfect for any Hunger Games fan.

Training Days allows 2-6 players to follow in the footsteps of their favorite tributes. Tribute Card represent the contestants from 9 different districts. The tributes compete using Challenge cards which contain events, special events, alliances, and end of day cards.

Reviews of the game are generally positive, especially from people who really love the Hunger Game books. The game says that it is for players 14 and up but the general consensus is that if your kids are old enough to read The Hunger Games, they will enjoy the game.

Supplies are scarce but you can still get the The Hunger Games: Training Days through Amazon. It’s currently $18.54 with free super saver shipping on purchases over $25.