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Hunger Games Empire Magazine

Hunger Games Empire Magazine

We have had a number of people emailing us asking if we know where they can buy a copy of the March 2012 Empire Magazine with the spread about The Hunger Games. The bad news is that it is a UK magazine and tough to get in the United States. However, there are 15 copies for sale on eBay right now, and they are not terribly expensive.

The magazine was released late January and features some incredible pictures and interviews from the movie set. Here’s the blurb from the Empire Magazine website:

“Seriously, once and for all, it’s not just another Twilight and does promise genuine violence. We talk to the filmmakers and stars of the toughest teen movie ever.”

You can check out the bids for the Empire Magazine on eBay starting at about $1.55. These will likely sell out in the next couple of weeks not just because of the Hunger Games article but also because they have collectible Avengers covers.