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Thanks to Adam Spunberg and Savanna New for this terrific guest post about the Hunger Games Fireside Chats. We hope everyone will tune in!

We started Hunger Games Fireside Chat back in April after doing a series of articles for Picktainment (in conjunction with The Hob) about casting the first film. We’re obviously massive fans of the trilogy, and we loved the idea of bringing the fandom together on a weekly basis to talk about the books and the movies. There are so many podcasts out there, we had a strong to desire to create something truly unique, hence our live, unedited, collaborative format. In many ways, we’re more like a talk radio show than a traditional podcast. Every week, we feature a group of panelists representing the top Hunger Games fan sites and blogs on the web, and we involve fans by encouraging our listeners to use our hashtag — #HGFiresideChat — to chat amongst each other on Twitter during the live show. [click to continue…]