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Custom Pop Culture Shirts from Redbubble (and Giveaway)

I’m always on the lookout for creative Hunger Games shirts beyond the ones that I see everyone else wearing. When Redbubble gave me the chance to review their shirts plus give away a certificate to my readers, I jumped at it!

First Redbubble sent me a $50 certificate to pick out whatever I wanted (keep reading to find out how you can win one yourself). I immediately knew I wanted to get a Hunger Games shirt for myself and also wanted to check out what my 13-year-0ld daughter might like.

We were like kids in a candy store trying to figure out what we wanted.  So many fun pop culture inspired shirts! Some of my favorite Hunger Games inspired shirts included:

  • Professional Fangirl
  • Varsity Archery
  • Be My Peeta
  • Make Bread Not War
  • Just One More Chapter
  • Everdeen 13
  • Mellark Bakery
  • And a lot of images you just have to SEE!

While I quickly settled on “My Patronus is a Mockingjay” (because I geek out to both Hunger Games AND Harry Potter), my daughter started down a path of finding shirts inspired by Divergent and The Mortal Instruments. The selections for those were just as cool. She is a little infatuated with TMI right now, so she ended up with a shirt that said “We live and breathe w0rds. –will herondale” and she customized it to be pink.

Speaking of customization. One of the things that I love about Redbubble (other than the fact that it encourages creativity and art!) is that you can customize most of the designs. I went with a darker shirt with a regular t-shirt cut. My daughter wanted something lighter (but not pink) and wanted a girl’s cut shirt.

We were so excited waiting for them to arrive that my daughter actually asked EVERY DAY when she came home from school if it was here yet. We ripped open the package and fell in love with the shirts. the quality was top-notch and they were exactly what we ordered. We’ve now worn then and washed them and they are still in great shape.

So how do you get your hands on cool shirts like ours? First, you head to Redbubble and check out their selection. You might end up buying one right now to show it off before school gets out! Second, you can enter our contest below (must be 18 or older and U.S. resident). If you are the lucky person to be picked, you will get a $50 certificate from Redbubble to order for yourself.

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There are a lot of Hunger Games: Catching Fire shirts available at Hot Topic and Amazon, but what we really like are the creative shirts. I would not turn down a Mockingjay shirt or a Hunger Games logo shirt if someone gave it to me, but consider some of these other shirts that we have found.

From CafePress:

Some of our other favorites Hunger Games shirts from Cafepress include:

  • Hope is stronger than fear
  • Keep calm and let the games begin
  • District 12 tribute
  • Mrs. Gale Hawthorne

Or how about these fan-made shirts from Redbubble?

Hunger Games Fan Shirts

Some of our favorite shirts:

  • where’s finnick? Odair He Is
  • Want a Sugar Cube?
  • My Patronus is a Mockingjay
  • Team Seneca Crane’s Beard
  • Nightlock Berries: Deceptively Delicious
  • Quarter Quell: 75 Years of Capitol Bliss
  • Cinna Told me to wear this
  • That is Mahogany!

If you are looking for really unique Hunger Games: Catching Fire shirts, we suggest you check out CafePress and Redbubble today.